The latest news from Heritage 2020 consultation

The Heritage 2020 consultation that took place at the end of 2016 saw valuable contributions from a range of organisations and individuals focused around five themes; Capacity Building, Constructive Conservation and Sustainable Management, Discovery Identification and Understanding, Helping Things to Happen, and Public Engagement. A detailed summary, including how the working groups will take forward suggestions made is now available. Summary of 2016 consultation responses.

Some of the key issues that emerged from the survey responses:

  1. The need for research demonstrating the value and benefits of heritage to society, from social, economic, environmental perspectives
  2. The need for guidance, training and access to specialist and project skills, in particular; conservation & project/asset management (esp. for community groups), advice for long term planning and sustainability & clearer advice to assist groups identify the help available to them
  3. Identification of priorities in core services that Local Authorities should provide with regards to the historic environment; Historic Environment Records, Planning advice, Provision of specialist staff related to archaeology and conservation, Community outreach, education and interpretation
  4. On Apprenticeship schemes; to be promoted and encouraged by the sector as a serious alternative to higher education & a focus on career progression
  5. Concern over volunteers implemented as a substitute to core Local Authority services while recognising the need for investing in and training volunteers to add value to existing professional capacity.
  6. Increasing access and diversity within the professional workforce & audiences; focus on community leadership and greater public involvement in the planning and management process, diversifying modes of engagement, an increased focus on local heritage and working with schools to use local heritage


Heritage 2020 is an initiative that focuses on where collaborative working can deliver benefits for understanding, protecting and engaging with the Historic Environment in England. It brings together organisations from across the historic environment sector to work together to address common priorities in doing so, adding value to the work of individual organisations.


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